Colorado Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Colorado multi-member operating agreement is structured to create a contract between all the owners of an LLC. The template may be filled in by entering general information about the company which can be obtained from the Secretary of State.

Much like a partnership, the operating agreement serves as the official instrument for the company stating the owners and their interest in the company (as a percentage (%)). As well as other items such as the daily business activities, management, and any other information that should be stated.


How to Write

The following information is required on behalf of the members in order for the document to be legally accepted:

  • Name of LLC
  • Date of Operating Agreement – This should be proved further by electing to have the operating agreement signed with a notary present.
  • Organizational Matters
  • Capital Contributions
  • Members – Names including Address, Ownership Interest, and Powers of Each Member
  • Management and Control of the Company
  • Distributions
  • Transfer of Interest
  • Signature Area

All members must be present at the time of authorization. View the Sample Agreement if any member or the manager would like to see an example of a completed form.