Idaho Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Idaho operating agreement for multiple members is a contract between the owners of an LLC. The main purpose of the form is to establish the LLC’s ownership and distribution amounts including any capital contributions made by any of the members. The form is not required but is highly recommended as no there is no other document that states the ownership interest of the LLC.

  • Idaho Operating Agreement Laws
    • 30-6-110 – Operating agreement — Scope, Function, and Limitations.
    • 30-6-111 – Operating Agreement — Effect on Limited Liability Company and Persons Becoming Members — Preformation Agreement.
    • 30-6-112 – Operating Agreement — Effect on Third Parties and Relationship to records Effective on Behalf of Limited Liability Company.

How to Write

The template may be written in Word (.doc) or Adobe PDF (.pdf) and the person filling in the document must be careful to look for areas to where they see parenthesis “()” or the highlighted fields in order to know what to input in the agreement.