Arkansas Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Arkansas Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Arkansas multi-member agreement main purpose is to establish rules and member rules for LLC’s that will have more than one (1) owner. The agreement is written to protect each member to make sure that each owner performing in the role assigned and to mark down everyone’s ownership interest. The most important part of the agreement […]

Arkansas Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Arkansas Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The single member LLC operating agreement is designated for a one (1) owner company to help protect their entity status. The biggest benefit to forming an LLC is electing to have assets or a business located within the entity in an effort to reduce exposure to the individual’s personal assets. The operating agreement helps prove what is […]

The Arkansas LLC operating agreement, also referred to as a company bylaw, sets the rules for the day-to-day activities and ownership interest. The form provides a foundation for building a company to set the full terms and conditions that members, managers, and sets the principal office address and states registered agent information.

Highly recommended for multi-member LLC’s as this form will be the only document that states the ownership interest.

How to Form an LLC

Before filling out the application, it is best to come up with your LLC name and enter it in the Secretary of State’s database to see if it is available.

Step 1 – There are two (2) ways to apply:

Online | Domestic | Foreign

Physical Form | Domestic (LL-01) | Foreign (F-01)

Step 2 – Pay the fee associated with the filing. With the online option you will be asked at the end of your session to pay the fee, as for the physical form see below:

Domestic – $50

Foreign – $300

*Online filers are now complete, you will see your new entity in the mail in the next seven (7) to ten (10) business days.

Step 3 – Send the physical application and fee to:

Business and Commercial Services
1401 West Capitol Ste. 250
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1094