Connecticut Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Connecticut Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Connecticut operating agreement for multi membered LLC’s creates a type of partnership agreement with the entity to protect the owners, or “Members”, and the active participants in the company. The agreement is not required in the State, but is highly recommended to account for any initial contributions provided by the members (if any) and […]

Connecticut Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Connecticut Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Connecticut single member operating agreement is a legal document that states the ownership and company bylaws. It is usually written after an LLC has been created with the Secretary of State. The single member agreement is mainly recommended to show to any third (3rd) party that the LLC is a legal entity to further […]

The Connecticut LLC operating agreement forms are for companies that have registered with the Secretary of State to protect the owners, known as “Members”, and their entity status. The operating agreement works much like the bylaws of the entity stating the day-to-day affairs as well as the member interest and powers.

According to Statute 34-101, it is not required by law that an LLC write an operating agreement but it should be used to state who owns the company.

How to Form an LLC in Connecticut

Step 1 – Choose Name – The name of the entity must be chosen. The name cannot be the same as any other on file with the Secretary of State’s business database (CONCORD System).

Step 2 – Choose Type – There are only two (2) types to file as:

Articles of Organization – Most Common – For a company that will be based in the State of Connecticut.

Application For Registration – For any outside entity seeking to do business in the State.

Fill out the selected document

Step 3 – Attach Fee – Write a check payable to the Secretary of State for $120.

Step 4 – Send – Send the application or articles to the following address:

P.O. BOX 150470
HARTFORD, CT 06115-0470

Step 5 – Optional – If the applicant would like to use the entity for financial purposes and obtain a bank account, the Employer Identification Number (EIN) must be acquired from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).