Georgia Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Georgia single member LLC agreement states the daily activities of the company, ownership interest(s), and all the details of the business operations. There is no State law requiring this agreement, but for a single member (1-owner) company it is highly recommended for helping prove the company is in fact a separate entity for the owner’s protection.

The form, once complete, is not required to be filed with any government entity. It is recommended to be notarized and kept in a safe place either with an attorney or in a safe place that allows easy access.

How to Write

The operating agreement should be filled in by the principal of the company and the following information should be entered:

  • Full Name of LLC
  • Formation Details
  • Primary Business
  • Articles of Organization
  • Principal Place of Business
  • Registered Agent and Office Address
  • Tax Year
  • Initial Member(s)
  • Management (Member Managed or Another Person)
  • Signature Area