Hawaii Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Hawaii Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

A multi member operating agreement allows for the owners, or ‘Members’, of an LLC to make an understanding with one another about the ownership interest, monies invested, and set the bylaws of the company. In Hawaii, an operating agreement is not required by law but is legally binding if it is to be filled-in and authorized. […]

Hawaii Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Hawaii Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The single member operating agreement allows for a sole-owner of an LLC to create a document that spells out the everyday business activity as well as all formation information. If the member filling-in the agreement cannot find their LLC information they may check the business database for all their entity details. This form is not […]

The Hawaii operating agreements allow the owner(s) of a limited liability company, or simply “LLC”, to protect their entity status as well as their interests from other members (if any). The form is highly recommended by legal professionals in order to establish bylaws and the company’s main business purpose.

According to Statute 428-103 the operating agreement is not required to be written if an LLC is formed. Although, if created, the member(s) of the company must follow it’s terms and conditions.

How to Start an LLC in Hawaii

Step 1 – Choose a name. The name decided by the incorporator(s) must be unique. The only way to verify that is has not been previously registered with the Secretary of State is to check the business database. After confirming your name, an applicant may begin the formation process.

Step 2 – Choose Type. There are only two (2) types of LLC’s:

a.) Domestic – For individuals who would like to create an entity located within the State.

File Online
PDF Application (LLC-1)

b.) Foreign – For an existing LLC currently operating outside the State, and would like to conduct business within Hawaii.

File Online
PDF Application (FLLC-1)

Step 3 – Pay fee ($50). If you are forming the LLC online, you will be required to enter credit card details at the end of the session. If you are applying through the PDF application the applicant will need to make a check payable to the ‘Hawaii Secretary of State’ for fifty-dollars ($50).

*Online Incorporators – The process is complete. You may now wait for your Articles of Organization to appear in the mail within 5 to 7 business days

Step 4 – Mail. If you decided to mail the PDF application, you will need to send the document and fee to:

P.O. Box 40, Honolulu, Hawaii 96810

Step 5 – Optional. If the LLC will be conducting business affairs such as opening a bank account the entity will be required to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This may be applied for online at the IRS Website (Scroll to bottom of page to start).