Nebraska Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Nebraska Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Nebraska multi-member LLC member operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

Nebraska Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Nebraska Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Nebraska single member LLC operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

The Nebraska LLC operating agreement is free to download in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word. The form creates a binding contract between the member of a company in reference to ownership interest and how it will be run. For single member LLC’s the document works as proof that the company is more than just a shield to protect one’s personal assets. This document is not required under Nebraska State law.


21-110 – Operating agreement; scope, function, and limitations.
21-111 – Operating agreement; effect on limited liability company and persons becoming members; preformation agreement.
21-112 – Operating agreement; effect on third parties and relationship to records effective on behalf of limited liability company.

How to Create an LLC

Step 1 – Use the business name search tool provided by the Secretary of State to pick a name to use for the LLC. After typing in the name you desire and nothing shows, then you may go ahead and apply.

Step 2File Online. Click on the link and choose the option ‘forming a new entity/qualifying a foreign entity‘ and you will have four (4) different LLC options;

Domestic – Most common type and is meant for general businesses that will be located in Nebraska.
Domestic Professional – Businesses that fall under 21-102(18)

certified public accountant, dentist, osteopathic physician, physician and surgeon, veterinarian, real estate broker, associate real estate broker, real estate salesperson, or attorney at law. For purposes of the act, those professions pertaining to the diagnosis, care, and treatment of humans shall be considered to be of the same profession.

Foreign – Business that are located outside the State and will be conducting business transactions within the State.
Foreign Professional – Business located outside the State that also fall under 21-102(18) (listed above).

Step 3 – Input all the information about the LLC and once complete the State will ask for payment from a credit card. The formation of the company will be complete when the necessary papers arrive in the mail or when it appears on the business database.

OptionApply for EIN. Once complete the applicant should apply for an EIN. Otherwise known as a Employment Identification Number, it is required in order for the company to do simple transactions such as open bank accounts.