Ohio Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Ohio Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Ohio multi-member LLC member operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

Ohio Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Ohio Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Ohio single member LLC operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

We offer a Single Member LLC Operating along with a Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement for the state of Ohio. Both of our agreements have been designed to limit or completely resolve any debt associated with the member’s company, and are also designed to put the member’s of an entity into a contract that states specific roles and ownership percentages, documents the daily routine of a company, records each employee’s role in the company, and allows for the creation of bylaws within a company. Overall, both of our Ohio LLC Operating Agreements increase the efficiency and organization of an entity. However, before one of our LLC Operating Agreements can be utilized, an entity has to be created and filed with the Ohio Secretary of State by using an Articles of Organization form. Below we walk you through the steps required to file your entity.

How to File:

Note: Before proceeding to Step 1, scan the Ohio Secretary of State Business Search Page to ensure the name you plan on utilizing for your company has not already been taken. If your planned name is still available, continue on to Step 1.

Step 1: (Complete the Application)

You can either complete the application online or print a paper version and send to the Ohio Secretary of State.

Click Here to Apply Online, and note that it costs $125 to file your new entity.

For a Paper Application, you can either choose the domestic version here (For corporations being originally created in the state of Ohio) or the foreign version here (for corporations that have already been created in another state and are introducing their entity into the state of Ohio).

Step 2: (Pay the Filing Fee)

If you are utilizing an online application, pay the $125 by credit card. If you have chosen the paper application, send a check for $125 payable to the Ohio Secretary of State, and mail to the below address:

Regular Filing
P.O. Box 670
Columbus, OH 43216

Helpful Tips:

– Using one of our two (2) LLC Operating Agreements once your entity has been filed and established helps organize and safeguard you and your entity from damaging liability and/or financial loss.

– Apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) with the IRS online or by paper to be able to create a bank account in your entity’s name.