Oklahoma Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Oklahoma Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Oklahoma multi-member LLC member operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

Oklahoma Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Oklahoma Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Oklahoma single member LLC operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

If you are looking for a way to protect your finances and keep your entity organized and on track, then our Oklahoma LLC Operating Agreements are for you. We offer a Single and Multi-Owner LLC Operating Agreement; the agreements have been designed to put all the members of an entity into a contract that states roles and ownership percentages, and have been designed to separate the member(s) of an entity from LLC liability. Our LLC Operating Agreements also allow for the creation of bylaws within an entity, document the daily routine of a company, and record each employee and manager’s role in the LLC. Before one of our Oklahoma LLC Operating Agreements can be completed, the entity must be created and filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. We have outlined the necessary steps for filing and creating your entity below.

How to File:

Step 1:

Scan the Oklahoma Secretary of State Business Search Page for any companies that have already taken the name you plan on utilizing for your entity. If your entity name is still available, continue on to Step 2.

Step 2:

Complete the Form – You can either file your LLC online or you can print the downloadable version and complete with legible handwriting. Below is a link to the downloadable versions:

Domestic – For any company being originally completed in the state of Oklahoma.

Domestic Professional – For all Oklahoma original companies that hold special medical, legal, etc. licenses.

Foreign – For companies that have already been created in other states and are looking to introduce their LLC into the state of Oklahoma for the first time.

If you have chosen to complete the application online, you will be requested to pay a $100 fee for domestic applications and $300 for foreign applications. Once you have paid this fee, the application is complete and the confirmation note should arrive between 5-7 days in the mail. Continue to Step 3 if you chose the print and mail option.

Step 3:

Pay the Fee. Attach a check to the completed Articles of Organization for $100 if you completed a domestic application, and $300 for a foreign application.

Step 4:

Mail/Fax the Application and Fee. Below is the address and fax number the application should be sent to:

Fax #: 1(405) 521-3771

Mailing Address:

2300 N. Lincoln Boulevard,
Room 101,
State Capitol, Oklahoma City
Oklahoma 73105-4897


– Utilize one of our two (2) LLC Operating Agreements to protect the member(s) of an LLC from damaging liability, and to prevent one member from ‘stealing’ more ownership than originally granted. Our LLC Operating Agreements also document the most important facets of an LLC and help to ensure your company runs smoothly and effectively.

– Apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) at the IRS website here to be able to open a bank account in your entity’s name.