Oregon Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Oregon Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Oregon multi-member LLC member operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

Oregon Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Oregon Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Oregon single member LLC operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

For the state of Oregon, we offer a step-by-step guide to filing your entity with the state of Oregon by utilizing an Articles of Organization, and two extremely useful LLC Operating Agreements (Single and Multi-Member) that are designed to protect and organize your newly created entity. The LLC Operating Agreement’s main purpose is to protect the member(s) of an entity from suffering financial loss by succumbing to liability brought down from the entity. Additionally, the operating agreement’s put the different members of an LLC into a contract that states ownership percentages and their roles in the company (for entities with more than one (1) owner, they document the daily routine of the entity, record each manager(s) and employees role(s) in the company, they allow for the creation of bylaws within the entity, and generally organize and structure your company to maintain efficiency and effectiveness. However, one of our operating agreements can only be utilized once an entity has been created and filed with the Oregon Secretary of State. Below we have created a step-by-step process to filing your new entity with an Articles of Organization.

How to File an Entity in the State of Oregon

NOTE: Before proceeding to Step 1 or 2, scan the Oregon Secretary of State Business Search Page for any companies that share the same name of the entity you plan on creating. If your planned company name is still available, continue with the application.

*If you plan on completing the Domestic Articles of Organization Application online, go to Step 1, if you would like to utilize a print version and mail the completed application, go to Step 2.

Step 1: (Domestic Online)

Go to the Oregon Corporations Division and register your new domestic entity online, fill all the applicable blanks, and pay the $100 domestic filing fee. The completed entity certificate will arrive at the provided address 7-10 days after online completion.

Step 2: (Domestic and Foreign Print)

First, click and download either the domestic or foreign blue text below and print the application.

Domestic – For all companies being originally created in the state of Oregon.

Foreign – For all companies that have already been created in other states, and are looking to introduce their company to the state of Oregon.

Next, attach the filing fee to the completed Articles of Organization ($100 for Domestic, $275 for Foreign). Make the check payable to the Corporation Division, and mail to the below address:

Secretary of State
Corporation Division
255 Capitol St. NE, Suite 151
Salem, OR 97310-1327

If you have questions or problems regarding the application, the Secretary of State contact information is below:

Telephone #: 1(503) 986-2200

E-Mail: corporation.division@state.or.us

Website: www.filinginoregon.com

Helpful Tips:

– Utilize one of our two (2) LLC Operating Agreements to organize and document your entity, and to protect you (the owner) from damaging liability.

– Apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) at the IRS’ Website by downloading printing or completing online. The EIN number allows a bank account to be created in the entity’s name.