Wisconsin Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Wisconsin Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Wisconsin multi-member LLC member operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

Wisconsin Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Wisconsin Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Wisconsin single member LLC operating agreement is How to Write Step 1 –

For the state of Wisconsin, we offer two (2) LLC Operating Agreements, which are a Single Member agreement and a Multi-Member agreement. The single and multi-member agreements are very similar, and only differ in the fact that the multi-member agreement is meant for an entity with multiple owners, whereas the single is meant for one-owner companies. Overall, our agreements put the member(s) of an agreement into a contract that states ownership percentages and their role(s) in a company, allows for the creation of entity bylaws, prevents against damaging company-related liability, documents the different manager and employee positions, and records the daily routine of an entity. An operating agreement can only be created after an entity is created and filed with the Wisconsin Secretary of State; below we give you the step-by-step process for doing just that.

How to File an Entity in Wisconsin:

Before proceeding to Step 1, go to the Wisconsin Secretary of State Business Search Page and check to see if the name you are planning on utilizing for your company has already been taken. If your planned name is still available, begin filling out the application by utilizing Option 1 or 2 below.

Option 1 (Online):

The online option takes roughly 15-20 minutes to complete, costs $130 to file, and typically arrives between 10-15 business days after the application has been submitted. This is by far the easiest option out of the two.

Option 2 (Paper):

Select one of the two (2) LLC operating agreement applications below, print the one that suits you, and then complete the application in eligible handwriting with black ink.

Domestic – This application is for companies that will be created originally in Wisconsin.

Foreign – This application is for companies that have already been created in another state, and are looking to conduct business in the state of Wisconsin for the first time. (See Section 9 for the filing fee).

Next, attach the filing fee to the completed application and mail to the below address:

Department of Financial Institutions
PO Box 7846
Madison WI, 53707-7846

Wisconsin Secretary of State Contact Information:

Telephone #: 1(608) 261-7577

E-Mail: statesec@sos.state.wi.us

Helpful Tips:

– Go the IRS’ website and apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number). The EIN Number allows an entity owner to open up a bank account in his or her company’s name.

– Utilize one of our LLC Operating Agreements to ensure the member(s) of an entity are protected from damaging liability and to further organize a company and protect a company from many potential damaging legal issues.