Arizona Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Arizona Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Arizona LLC operating agreement for multi-members allows for an LLC with more than one (1) owner to make a contract with the others in relation to the duties, rules, and percentage of interest. The form acts as a partnership agreement marking any capital put forth by a member and what the duties of each person […]

Arizona Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Arizona Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Arizona single member LLC operating agreement is for a sole owner of a company. This allows the individual to make rules and set parameters that the company must follow. One of the main reasons an operating agreement is written is to protect the owner’s personal liabilities from the entity. Therefore, the owner will need every […]

The Arizona LLC Articles of Organization forms allow the member(s) of the company be able to setup their bylaws, rules, and ownership interest as well as many other powers. The form’s primary use is for making an agreement with the other owners of the company in order to protect themselves individually, and it can be used for sole-owners to help being claimed as an entity.

After an LLC is created it is required by financial institutions that the LLC must have an Employer Identification Number (EIN), this may be obtained from the IRS Online.

How to Form an LLC

Before starting the steps, it is best to search the business database to make sure that the company name selected has not already been registered.

Step 1 – Decide what type of LLC you are filing for;

Domestic (L010) – For a company that will have a primary place of business in Arizona – Instructions

Foreign (L025) – For a company currently in existence and located outside the State – Instructions

Step 2 – Pay the fee(s) by attaching to the Articles of Organization. Add $35 and mark the application for ‘EXPEDITE’ in order for faster processing time.

Domestic – $50

Foreign – $150

Step 3 – Attach and fill-in the following forms;

Cover Sheet

Member Structure Agreement – Any owner that holds more than twenty (20%) percent (%) interest in a company must be stated on this sheet.

Registered Agent Acceptance – To be completed by the Registered Agent

Step 4 – Send all documents in one (1) package to:

Arizona Corporation Commission,
Corporate Filings Section, 
1300 W. Washington St.,
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Arizona LLC Laws – Title 29  > Chapter 4 – Arizona Limited Liability Company Act