Arizona Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Arizona LLC operating agreement for multi-members allows for an LLC with more than one (1) owner to make a contract with the others in relation to the duties, rules, and percentage of interest. The form acts as a partnership agreement marking any capital put forth by a member and what the duties of each person will be in the company.

How to Write

Line-by-line information as to what must be entered into the form;

  • Name of LLC
  • Date
  • Name under which the LLC will conduct business or trade-name
  • Address of Registered Agent Office
  • Company’s Business Purpose
  • Management and Powers
  • Devotion of Time
  • Tax Matters of the Company
  • Signatures of the Members – Highly recommended to have the signatures be notarized.

The operating agreement is not filed with any government or private institution. It must be kept in a safe place your records.