Arizona Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Arizona single member LLC operating agreement is for a sole owner of a company. This allows the individual to make rules and set parameters that the company must follow. One of the main reasons an operating agreement is written is to protect the owner’s personal liabilities from the entity. Therefore, the owner will need every reason, if questioned, to prove their entity status showing documents that the company is legal. The operating agreement helps prove this case.

How to Write

After downloading the following information will be needed in order to complete the form;

  • LLC Information -Can be obtained from the Secretary of State
  • Business Purpose
  • Articles of Organization Details
  • Place of Business
  • Registered Office
  • Registered Agent Information
  • Fiscal/Tax Year
  • Member Information
  • Management

It is best to have the LLC agreement notarized to legally have the date and time entered into the form. After it is complete, the agreement does not need to be filed with any government agency, it is recommended to keep in a safe file storage area.