Colorado Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

Colorado Multi-Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Colorado multi-member operating agreement is structured to create a contract between all the owners of an LLC. The template may be filled in by entering general information about the company which can be obtained from the Secretary of State. Much like a partnership, the operating agreement serves as the official instrument for the company […]

Colorado Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Colorado Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Colorado Single Member LLC operating agreement is allowed by a one owner company that is looking to write the bylaws, day to day business activities, and anything else that may pertain to the business. If the person writing the agreement needs to view information about the formed company, they may do so on the […]

The Colorado LLC operating agreement permits an owner, referred to as Member(s), of a company to create bylaws and informative details about the entity. The agreement entails the ownership interests of each member (if more than one) and states the powers and their duties. It has been important to prove entity status in recent years due to individuals wanting to protect their personal assets, therefore whether the LLC has only one member, it is important to elect writing one.

Laws – 7-80-108

How to Setup an LLC in Colorado

All entities at the Secretary of State are filed online. It is best to check the business database before applying for an LLC to make sure the name you have selected does not already exist in the system. Simply follow the steps in order to fill-out the Articles of Incorporation.

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After entering your business name you will have to enter the following information;

Principal Office Address
Mailing Address
Registered Agent Information
Officers (President, Vice President, etc.)
Additional Information (if any)
Effective Date
Pay Incorporation Fee of $50.

Colorado Formation Statute 7-80-203