Colorado Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

The Colorado Single Member LLC operating agreement is allowed by a one owner company that is looking to write the bylaws, day to day business activities, and anything else that may pertain to the business. If the person writing the agreement needs to view information about the formed company, they may do so on the Secretary of State’s Website.


How to Write

The member must decide the rules, ownership, management, and any other facet of the company in order to fill in the form. Once it has been decided to the owner’s liking, the following information may be entered into the agreement:

  • Name of LLC
  • Date and Name of Member
  • Incorporation Information
  • Primary Business Use
  • Articles of Organization Details
  • Principal Place of Business
  • Registered Agent Name
  • Registered Agent Address
  • Tax Information
  • Initial Member(s)
  • Management

It is recommended to have the agreement signed in front of a notary public. After authorization it is to be kept in a safe place and is not to be filed with any government agency. Use the Sample as a template for completing.